Astronauts and Hand Shadow Play
Proposing a vision of astronauts in space hand shadow playing to children on Earth.
|Fitness | Playfulness | Prototyping | Field Work|
Genki - Vitality
A Self-actualization Concept.
|Vitality | Playfulness | Prototyping | Field Work|
Finger-Walking Patterns
Designing intelligence in interactions.
|Intelligence | Pattern Recognition | Prototyping|
Designing with Complex Sensors
Augmenting storyboarding for remote collaboration.
|Storyboarding | Augmentation | Prototyping | Field Work|
Biohack Academy
Connecting locals with DIY and DIT biology.
|Science | Exploration | Prototyping | Project Managing|
Doodley - Drawing Togetherness
Collaborative technology that connects people.
|Collaboration | Rehabilitation | Prototyping | Field Work|
Madhatter's Dinner Party
Enhancing the dining experience through the use of game thinking.
|Game Thinking | Playfulness | Prototyping | Experiment|
Interactive and Wearable Agenda
A wearable agenda that reminds you of your daily tasks.
|Interactive Lamp | Reminder | Prototyping | Playfulness|
HyggeHoodie - Future Wearable
Envisioning the future of wearable technologies.
|Future Wearable | Soft Robotics | Prototyping | Speculative|
Supportive Pedal
Designing simple, discrete, and cheap pedals for elderly and disabled people.
|Industry | People | Prototyping | Field Work|
HMI Concept
Designing a human machine interface for a testing machine in a company.
|Industry | HMI | Prototyping | Field Work|
Headphone Model
Using car manufacture as inspiration to design a product.
|Headphone | Branding | Prototyping | Form|
Interactive Ali Lamp
Designing interactive lamp inspired by a person.
|Interactive Lamp | Playfulness | Prototyping | Experiment|
Playful History
Interactive learning: Motivating historical and cultural interest.
|Learning | Playfulness | Prototyping | Field Work|